Since starting web design back in 2017, I’ve learned not only how to make sites function and look better, but I’ve also become very experienced in creating a full brand image around a person or team. Starting in 2020, I even turned this into a business where I am now building bespoke sites for local businesses and individuals and helping them build a brand image along the way. If you are looking for a site built to your exact vision, be sure to contact me!

Here is a breakdown of my work if you are interested:

This Website

This is my personal site meant to showcase my latest designs, projects, and hobbies as you're seeing now.

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UpLift Robotics

This is my robotics team's site and is the most recent design I've done other than this one. This was also the first site I built using the bootstrap library which allows me to build scalable sites quickly that are easy to update.

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This is a Financial Technology consulting firm that needed a small, simple, easy to update website. This was my first time building a site using Wordpress with a plugin called Elementor. The system overall works very well and has allowed me to build custom websites that look unique but are still easily updatable by the client.

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FTC 4227

This was my old robotics team who I also built a website for. Although it's not currently operational, I built some really cool layouts for it that could be used for inspiration for another site.

Jupiter Snooker

I also build and maintenance a few different WordPress sites like this one if that's something you're interested in. I tend to shy away from them due to more expensive running costs but that's something that can be decided based on your needs and wants, and budget.

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If you like any of these sites and want one of your own be sure to contact me! I charge about half of what a professional designer will charge and I provide a more catered experience than most. I have a passion for both web design and branding and I want to help you get your word out in the largest and best way possible. If you have any questions, be sure to let me know!