Robotics is one of my true passions and has been my main extracurricular in high school. I’ve been doing robotics for 9 years and what I’ve learned along the way has been invaluable. Not only has it shown me what I want to do for the rest of my life, but it’s taught me how to do those things effectively as well. Throughout the 9 years I've been doing this, I've learned everything from Computer Aided Design to how to effectively manage teams and run a business. These skills have proved essential to my success not only in high school but as skills for later in life as well.

Here is my latest solo project: a 3D printed and laser cut hexapod I designed to learn Fusion 360 and how to manage large amounts of motors computationally. It was initially intended to be fully laser cut and was not due to budget limitations. It's controlled by an Arduino and has a total of 18 servos (3 per leg) which must be moved synchronously in order to keep the robot balanced.

Initial CAD Renders

End Product

This is what the physical product ended up looking like. It's made out of laser cut plywood and 3D printed parts coming out at a third the price of the metal design.


Here are some demo videos of the bot running. What you'll notice here is that one arm or another will fail to work in some circumstances. That isn't due to software but rather connectivity issues that are going to be addressed in the future.

What's next?

I've started working to resolve the connectivity issues. I've ultimately determined that the servos were not staying pulling the wires out while moving causing them to lose connection with the arduino. While repairing this the wires for two of the servos broke so I'm currently working to get those servos replaced and the bot back under operation.